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TX-20009th Corps of Cadets
Group Commander
Veronica Guarnero
Deputy Commander
Brent C. Walker

Aerospace Technology Honors Camp

This SecAF initiative will orient selected AFJROTC cadets to aerospace technology educational opportunities and aerospace related careers through a hands-on curriculum including visits to college campuses, air and space operational units, research labs, historcal sites, aerospace industries, and provide each cadet with an incentive flight. To be elegible for selectiojn you must be a rising sophomore, junio, or senior, minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale, enrolled in or completed college-prep math and science courses (juniors and seniors only) and demonstrated leadership potential. TX-20009th cadets will attend the camp at Kirtland AFB. There are two avalible dates for this camp; June 12-17 and June 26-July 1. If selected AFOATS/JRO will fund transportation as well as room/board costs. Click here to download application. When completed send this via email to Colonel Dzur ( All applications are due January 15, 2005. Only five cadets per unit will be nominated.

Ribbons Awarded

At corps formation on December 16, 2004 achievement ribbons were awarded to C/2nd Lieutenant Roy McNutt, C/A1C Anthony Deleon, C/A1C Louis Hawkins and C/A1C Clint Schmelzer. Louis and Clint also recieved their rocket badge. The co-curricular Activities Leadership ribbon was awarded to Crystal Lascano, Michelle Alonzo, Michael Hacker, and Brent Walker. Service ribbons were awarded to Anthony Deleon, Jesse Deleon, Heather Wells, Kim McNair, Michelle Alonzo, Timothy Walker, Brent Walker, Melissa Pollock, Veronica Guernero, Crystal Lascano, Chelsea Keefer, Andria Carr Micheal Hacker, Louis Hawkins, Meghan Mangum, David Bradshaw, Brice Olivares, Blake Broekhove, Zach Vargas, Harry Martinez, Beka Jones, Herlinda Ochoa, Angela Martinez, Dexer Gatzke, and Vicente Manzanilla. The outstanding flight of the semester is Echo flight. The cadets in echo flight each recieved an outstanding flight ribbon.

December Cadets of the Month

The cadets of the month of December are Jessica Sustaita, Alpha Flight; Angela Martinez, Bravo Flight; Harry Martinez, Charlie Flight; Theresa Gonzales, Delta Flight; and Robert Cockrell, Echo Flight.

John Jay Drill Meet

On December 11, 2004 C/A1C Theresa Gonzales and C/2nd Lieutenant Beka Jones recieved 2nd place at the John Jay Mustang Classic Drill Meet for their unarmed tandem.

Field Trip

On Friday, October 22 2004 a group of cadets went on a field trip to Lackland Air Force Base and had the opprotunity to meet the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gereral John P. Jumper as well as visiting the Military Police Museum. Click the thumbnail to the right to view the photo.


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