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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Mission and Objectives of the AFJROTC Program
Chapter 2Admssionn, Transfer and Disenrollment of Students
Chapter 3Conduct and Military Courtesy
Chapter 4Cheating
Chapter 5Appearance of Cadets
Chapter 6Wearing the Uniform
Chapter 7Clothing and Equipment Account
Chapter 8Saluting/Pledge of Allegianace/National Anthem Rules
Chapter 9Curriculum, Grading Policy and Homework
Chapter 10Projects
Chapter 11Co-Curricular Activities
Chapter 12Promotion of Cadets
Chapter 13Cadet Personnel Boards
Chapter 14Organizaion of the TX-20009th AFJROTC Cadet Group
Chapter 15Unit Manning Document
Chapter 16Job Descriptions
Chapter 17Awards and Decorations
Chapter 18Certificates of Completion and Training
Chapter 19Individual and Flight Competition
Chapter 20Staff Meeting Procedures
Chapter 21Instructor and Cadet Offices
Chapter 22Hazing
Chapter 23Unit Computer Use Guidelines
Chapter 24The Cadet Guide