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Chapter 6
Wearing the Uniform

6.1 The reputation of the U.S.A.F. as a professional military organization is
known worldwide. Since the uniform you wear is a symbol of that reputation, each cadet
in the AFJROTC program at Medina Valley High School must wear it properly. The importance
of this cannot be overemphasized, since the uniform, except for the insignia,
rank and patches, is very similar to that worn by active duty Air Force men and women.

6.2 UNIFORM OF THE DAY:  The Uniform of the Day is the uniform prescribed by the Cadet
Operations Group Commander/SASI/ASI.  The hat is considered an integral part of the uniform.
When outdoors, personnel shall remain covered at all times except when ordered to uncover.
The uniforms are to be worn by all cadets, ALL DAY on uniform day and/or on other occasions
as prescribed by the SASI/ASI.


6.3.1 Thursday of each week is uniform day unless you are instructed  otherwise.
The uniform will be worn all day . That is, the uniform will be worn from home to school and
from school to home. If you are found out of uniform without permission from the SASI/ASI
you will be given a zero (O) uniform grade that day.  If you must change into different
clothes for certain classes you should make both the ASI and SASI aware of this change
before you change.  Consequences for unexcused uniform wear are listed in paragraph 3.3.2.

6.3.2 Only authorized uniform items will be worn. Do not mix any uniform items
(including the lightweight jacket and all-weather coat) with civilian clothing.
Male and female cadets may wear the Air Force lightweight jacket.

6.3.3 UNIFORM CLEANING. The flight cap, service coat, skirt, lightweight jacket,
slacks and tie tab must be dry-cleaned. The short and long sleeve blouse should be
laundered after each wearing. Light starch may be used. The bottom of the trouser legs
will touch the shoes in such a manner as to cause a slight break in the front trouser
crease. No cuffs are worn on military uniform trousers. You must obtain permission to
alter the leg length and waist size of the trousers. The rear pocket of the trousers
will be buttoned at all times. Articles carried in the pocket will not be visible. The 
zipper tab will be pressed down to permit the fly to be neatly closed.  Hats and gloves
are not tucked under epaulets of any uniform at any time. Sunglasses are not worn on
the body (partly in, partly out of pocket, or tucked in belts.). Gloves are not tucked
in belts. Observance of these small details are the mark of a well-groomed cadet. Shirts
should be laundered after each wearing. Medium starch will keep the shirts neat 
throughout the day. Normally, the shirtsleeves of the long sleeve blue shirt should 
remain buttoned, but good judgment should be exercised in instances where the sleeves
may become wet or soiled.  In such instances, the sleeves may be rolled up temporarily.

6.3.4 The SHORT SLEEVE BLUE SHIRT is worn with the collar open (Exception: The
necktie/tie tab is optional with the short sleeve blue shirt with epaulets unless
otherwise directed) and you must wear a white "U" or "V" neck T- shirt. The necktie
will always be worn with the long sleeve shirt. The shirttail is pulled down into the
trousers tightly and tucked at the sides to make it neatly form fitting. The only
creases on the shirt are down the sides of the sleeves. Buttoned pockets and shined
shoes mark the cadet who pays attention to detail. A plain white T-shirt must always
be worn under the blue shirts.

6.3.5 The outside pockets of the coat are for decoration only. Do not carry
bulky items in the pocket, or any item that distorts the uniform's shape. All outside
pockets and snaps will be secure at all times. Hands should be kept out of uniform
pockets. The coat may be removed in the classroom when it becomes uncomfortably warm.
If the coat is removed in the classroom, it will be carefully draped over the back of
the chair. The necktie will not be removed or loosened even though the coat is removed.
The coat is not to be removed while eating. The coat will be donned and completely
buttoned before leaving the classroom.

6.3.6 THE LIGHT WIEGHT JACKET, if issued and worn, should be zipped up at least
halfway whenever it is worn.  The lightweight jacket should be dry cleaned, it should
not be pressed with a hot iron. When the jacket is worn male cadets will wear ties and
female cadets will wear tie-tabs.

6.3.7 Your "GIG" line is the line formed by the edge of the shirt, the edge of
the belt buckle, and the fly of the trousers. The "GIG" line should always be kept
straight. Check it frequently.

6.3.8 SHOES will be laced to the top and shined to a high gloss at all times.
Corfam shoes are optional personal expense items for AS III cadets and above
(cadet purchased). Corfam shoes are not be worn at Summer Leadership School.

6.3.9 SOCKS must be black; no other colors are authorized. No striped
or checkered patterns are allowed on the socks.

6.3.10 THE FLIGHT CAP, is worn with the front crease towards the
lower center of the forehead in a straight line with the nose, approximately 1"
or two finger widths above the eyebrows. For males no hair may protrude from
the front of the cap and for females, hair may not extend below the top of the
eyebrows (females).When worn in this manner, the vertical crease of the cap will
be fully extended without a protruding tip at the back, and (for males), the top
crease will be totally closed up. If your cap does not fit in this manner, it is
either too large or too small. See the military Logistic Officer (LO) for a trade.
It is always removed indoors unless you are a member of a color guard or carrying
a weapon.  When not worn, the flight cap should be tucked under the belt on the
left side of the buckle, "grounded" to the second belt loop with the insignia to
the outside. When not worn, the flight cap should be tucked under the belt on the
left of the belt buckle with the insignia to the outside. Cadets are required to wear their headgear outdoors at all times.
Headgear will also be worn for all AFJROTC leadership training on the drill pad,
during off-campus field trips, and for special duties. Wear headgear if walking to
or from school in uniform. If at anytime any instructor observes a cadet outdoors
without proper headgear, the appropriate deduction will be made from the
cadet's inspection score.

6.3.11 Wear authorized insignia as shown in the Cadet Guide - See Attachments.
All insignia are fastened with metal clutches. Do not 
attempt to shine hat or collar insignia.

6.3.12 Trim loose strings and frayed seams on the uniform.

6.3.13 Replace missing buttons promptly.

6.3.14 Develop the habit of carrying books, book bags and other objects in 
the left hand (so that cords and ribbons aren't messed up) to free the right hand
for saluting.

6.3.15 Wrist watches, identification bracelets and rings (total maximum of 
three with up to two on one hand) may be worn. Necklaces, pendants, ankle bracelets,
 and other adornments will not be visible when in uniform.

6.3.16 The NAMETAG is worn over the right breast pocket parallel with and 
centered above the top seam of the pocket on the male uniform. On the female service
dress coat (1608 only), it will be centered between the lapel and arm seam, 1 to 3 
inches above the top button.  It is centered, between the lapel and arm seam 1 to 3 
inches above the top button for female cadets on the long and short sleeve blouses. 
The nametag is always worn except with the semi-formal uniform.

6.3.17 Hitchhiking, performing hard labor, engaging in sports  activities, etc.,
 while wearing the uniform is not permitted.

6.3.18 Sunglasses are not allowed while in formation or in the classroom.

6.3.19 Cadets will not smoke in uniform.  Smoking is not permitted at MVHS
or at any MVHS activities.

6.3.20 Piercings/tattoos - body piercings (including tongue rings) are NOT ALLOWED.
Tattoos (if you have them) will not be visible and will be within current MVISD
and USAF Instructions.

6.3.21 Gloves (male or female) are optional for cadets. These may be purchased 
at the cadet's personal expense. They are to be solid black in color, without designs 
and five fingered (no skiing type gloves).


6.4.1 The belt is threaded through the loops to your left. When properly buckled,
only the metal tip of the belt should show. The adjustable belt clamp is to change the
length of the belt for a proper fit.

6.4.2 A plain collar white shirt with a black bow tie is worn with the coat and 
trousers on formal occasions, such as at the military ball. No nametag or cap/hat is
worn with this combination.


6.5.1 The Belt is threaded through the loops to the right. When properly buckled,
only the metal tip will show past the buckle. The adjustable belt clamp is to change the
length of the belt for a proper fit.

6.5.2 SHOES.  Leather low quarter shoes will be issued. They will be worn during
leadership training. Black pumps may be worn by female AS-III cadets and above as an 
optional item for school or social occasions (cadet purchased).

6.5.3 NAILS/NAIL POLISH. When female cadets wear nail polish while in uniform, 
it should be conservative in color, and in good taste (e.g. neutral or light pink).
They must not contain any ornamentation.

6.5.4 SKIRTS. The skirt will be hemmed to the bottom of the knee. If it is a new
skirt and you are the first to be issued it, you should allow at least one (1) inch of 
extra length because the skirt is single knit and will shrink when first dry cleaned. 
When worn properly the zipper will be on the left side.

6.5.5 MAKEUP.  Makeup should be natural and professional in appearance.  
Excessive makeup is not authorized.

6.6 At the end of the school year or within 10 days of withdrawing from AFJROTC,
ALL UNIFORM ITEMS MUST BE TURNED IN AND ACCOUNTED FOR. Lost items must be paid for promptly.
Turn in uniform items only to the Logistics Officer. UPON ISSUE, CHARGES WILL BE PLACED


6.7.1 Certain uniform items are considered optional. This means if these
items are to be worn at all by cadets they must be purchased by the cadet at the
Clothing Sales Store on any Air Force Base. These items will never be mandatory. 
There may be restrictions on their wear or use. The SASI reserves the right to 
designate which items may be worn by cadets and the circumstances under which they 
may be worn. Therefore, no cadet should ever purchase any optional item without first 
checking with an instructor as to its suitability. Cadets will not be required to purchase 
optional items (with certain exceptions, such as drill team members.) Optional items include, 
but are not limited to, Corfam shoes (male and female, regardless of design,) skirts, purse,
overcoats, tie tacs, shirt guarders, and male and female service caps (cadet officers only).

6.7.2 Corfam shoes are optional personal expense items for AS-II cadets and above.

6.7.3 Service caps (male/female) are optional for cadet Officers only. These may be 
purchased at the cadets' personal expense from a USAF Clothing Sales Store. Service caps will 
be worn with the appropriate standard AFJROTC insignia.

6.7.4 Black pumps may be worn by females as an optional item by AS II cadets and 
above (cadet purchased).


6.8.1 Male Drill Team Uniform: 		6.8.2 Female Drill Team Uniform:

        Headgear - Beret (black)			Headgear - service cap
        Shirt -    USAF issue				Blouse -   USAF issue
        Belt -     USAF issue				Slacks -   USAF issue
        Trousers - USAF issue				Footwear - ROTC Shoes
        Footwear - ROTC Shoes			        Gloves -   white
        Cords -    Orange & black			Cords -    Orange & white
        Ascot -    Orange or white			Ascot -    Orange or black

6.9 The Cadet Weekly Inspection Sheet (Attachment 12) is intended to inform all
cadets exactly where points may be lost on weekly  inspections. Referring to the inspection
sheet at home before leaving for school should result in higher grades during inspection.