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Chapter 5
Appearance of Cadets

5.1 Because you wear the official uniform of the United States Air Force, proper conduct, actions, and attitude will create and sustain a favorable public reaction which will enhance the image of the Cadet Group. Conversely, any objectionable behavior in public can create an unfavorable reaction towards AFJROTC and the Air Force. Therefore, as an Air Force JROTC cadet, you must always strive to always present a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance.

5.1.1 MALE CADETS: The face will be clean-shaven DAILY. Beards or goatees are not permitted. Hair will be neatly cut, clean, trimmed, and present a well-groomed appearance. The bulk of the hair will not exceed 1 inches on the top of the head and will not exceed inch at the termination point on the back of the head. Hair will be groomed in a tapered/blended fashion to follow the contours of the head and will not touch the ears or collar. Hair in back will be blocked or tapered. Hair in front will be groomed so that it does not fall below the eyebrow and will not protrude below the band of properly worn headgear. Male cadets whose hair is not in accordance with the above rules will have points deducted from their uniform grade (minus 25 points for the first violation, minus 50 points for the second consecutive violation. Continued violation will constitute grounds for removal from AFJROTC). Step or braided hairstyles, Mohawks, ducktail, cornrows, lines or initials/lettering shaved into the head, and Mr. T's' are not authorized, nor are other bizarre hairstyles, including a partially shaved/bleached head or dyed unnatural colors. Such hairstyles will result in minus 100 points (a zero grade) during inspection. Sideburns, if worn, will be neatly trimmed. Sideburns will not extend beyond the bottom of the exterior ear opening, will be straight and even width (not flared), and will end with a clean-shaven horizontal line. Male cadets will not wear earrings while at MVHS, any MVHS activity or any AFJROTC function. Male cadets found wearing earrings while in uniform will be disciplined appropriately. Piercings/tattoos - body piercings (including tongue rings) are not allowed. Tattoos (if you have them) will not be visible and will be within current MVISD and USAF Instructions.

5.1.2 FEMALE CADETS: The hair must be styled to permit proper wear of Air Force headgear. Hair should always be clean, neatly arranged, and styled to present a professional appearance. Corn-rows, pigtails, and other hairstyles that allow the hair to extend below the bottom of the collar of the over-blouse or jacket are not authorized. Hair will be groomed so that it does not touch the eyebrow and will not cover any portion of the face. However, Afro, natural, bouffant, and similar styles are authorized except those with excessive fullness or extreme height over three inches. Ponytails are allowable. Hair ornaments, such as ribbons, will not be worn. Pins, combs, or barrettes similar in color to the individual's hair color may be worn. Hairnets are not authorized. Earrings may be worn if they are: small, conservative, pearl white, gold, or silver, diamond, diamond looking and spherical. Clip-ons must fit tightly and may not extend below the earlobe. Only one earring per ear is allowed and they must be a matching set. This applies always when in uniform. When not in uniform you may wear one set of earrings of your choice when in the AFJROTC classroom/offices. Piercings/tattoos - body piercings (including tongue rings) except for earrings are not allowed. Tattoos (if you have them) will not be visible and will be within current MVISD and USAF Instructions.