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24.1 The Cadet Guide


24.1.1 The Cadet Guide is the Constitution, rules, regulations, procedures, and formats that all Cadets are to adhere to and follow. Every Cadet will be issued a copy of the Cadet Guide at the beginning of each school year. Cadets are to keep their issued copy in their blue ringed binder.


24.1.2 The Cadet Guide will also be posted online on the TX-20009th Web Site


24.2 Changes to the Cadet Guide


24.2.1 The Cadet Guide will be revised at the end of each school year. All changes will be submitted to the Corp Commander who will approve/disapprove. Once the Corp Commander approves the changes will then be submitted to the ASI/SASI who will either approve/disapprove.  When both the ASI/SASI have approved the changes the guide will be published and issued out.


24.2.2 The online Cadet Guide will be kept current. All changes made during the school year will be made to the online Guide. Any changes will also be announced to all Cadets to avoid confusion. All cadets will write in any and all changes to the Guide in their own individual copy.


24.3 The Cadet Guide Project


24.3.1 The Guide Project is meant to be a recorded history of the Cadet Guide and to serve as a reference and example when subsequent changes are made during the summer of each school year.


24.3.2 The Guide Project contains a copy of each year’s final published guide as well as the edited versions from the year before.


24.3.3 The Guide Project will be kept on file by the SASI/ASI and shall be available to the Group Commander, Deputy Commander, and Executive Officer. The Guide Project is on file for reference and modeling but IS NOT to be removed from the ROTC room, and must be returned to the SASI/ASI when said officer is finished using it.