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23.1 The computers are open to all cadets who are on the Computer Users List. The list is of

         Cadets who have turned in their Internet Users Agreement to the School, and their Information

         release form to the ROTC. The Computers are managed by the Data Automation Staff.


23.2 No food or drinks will be allowed on the computer tables.


23.3 No outside floppy disks or CD’s without Data Automation Staff or instructor approval are allowed in the computer.


23.4 Cadets are required to sign-in before they use the computer. Then sign out when they are done.


23.4.1 Signing requires a Cadet to sign his/her name, the time (on the computer) that they signed on, and the date that they signed on.


23.5  Instructor computers are off limits to all cadets unless otherwise instructed by an instructor.


23.6  Internet may be used with instructor approval and attendance.


23.7    Any misuse or failure to follow computer lab guidelines will result in the loss of computer privileges


23.8    The ROTC Web Site


23.8.1    The TX-20009th Web Site (kept current by the Data Automations Staff) is in place for publicity as well as easy reference to current events and updates. The web site can be accessed from the following address:




23.8.2    At the beginning of each year all Cadets and the officers of the Parents Boosters Club (PBC) will be given an Information Release Form (Attach. 17) which will remain effective and legal until the next school year. These forms state that the parent/guardian of the Cadet gives the TX-20009th and the Medina Valley School District permission to place the Cadets name and/or picture on the TX-20009th Web Site. Parents reserve the right to say NO to this agreement. Forms must be signed, marked yes or no, and returned to the Data Automations Staff at the beginning of the school year after they are passed out. Any Cadet that fails to return a form or returns a blank form shall be checked off as YES and filed accordingly. No personal information will be released other than that which is specified on the Cadets Information Release Form (photo’s, name, and rank). The TX-20009th understands parents concerns for safety, and internet security, and uses the utmost caution concerning web related information.