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22.1 Hazing of cadets is strictly prohibited. Any type of physical or mental abuse and punishment will not be permitted at all. The TX-20009th Air Force Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps have a “Zero Tolerance” attitude to harassment of any kind. Hazing is “ harass or persecute with meaningless, difficult, demeaning tasks...”. In the actual Air Force hazing is “...unauthorized assumption of authority by one military member over another which results in cruelty or humiliation...


22.2 If a cadet feels that he/she is being harassed in this or any other way please feel free to discuss with anyone of authority (open door policy) i.e. SASI, ASI, Fit. CC, COGpCC, or COGpCD. This will be brought to the attention of any of the above that have not yet been informed. After a report is made, an immediate investigation will begin.


22.3 Instructors will review their policy annually and brief all cadets on a term (Aug.­Dec./ Jan.-May) basis. These briefings must be documented and placed in the wing files for further reference.