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20.1 The Cadet Group Commander will normally hold weekly staff meetings throughout the school year.  These staff meetings will be held each Friday throughout the school year before school, or at such other time as the SASI may designate.  The Cadet Group Commander may also hold expanded staff meetings if necessary.  If no such periods are provided, it is possible no expanded staff meetings will be held, and the provisions of paragraph 20.3.3 and paragraphs 20.4 and 20.5 below, assume extra importance.


20.2 All such staff meetings provide the opportunity for face-to-face communication among the commander and staff.  They are also vehicles for group problem solving and allow the cadet staff to participate in the planning of Group activities.


20.3 The following procedures apply for either meeting:


20.3.1 The Cadet Group Commander will conduct the meeting;


20.3.2 The Cadet Deputy Group Commander will prepare the meeting agenda and will maintain close liaison with the Group Commander in so doing. The Cadet Executive Officer will arrange for the meetings and inform the staff.


20.3.3 The Cadet Group Information Officer will serve as recorder and prepare a report of each meeting detailing decisions reached, actions taken, assignments made, etc.  The report will be submitted through the Cadet Group Commander to the ASI for coordination and the SASI for approval not later than two days following the meeting.  A copy of the minutes will be posted on the bulletin board in the classroom to allow cadets who were absent an opportunity to see what new business/upcoming events were discussed at the meeting.


20.3.4 All Cadet Officers will be required to bring a spiral notebook and take notes.


20.4 The Cadet Group Commander will follow-up to ensure that actions directed during staff meetings are accomplished by the responsible staff member(s).


20.5 Cadet staff members who are 5 or more minutes late to a staff meeting will receive RBIs.  Staff members receiving three RBIs will loose their staff positions.