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Chapter 2
Admission and Disenrollment of Students

2.1 To be eligible for membership and continue in AFJROTC, a student must be:

2.1.1 Enrolled in and attending a regular course of instruction at Medina Valley High School.
Students from other high schools may participate if both school principals agree to the 
participation and the course (transcripted) counts for credit toward graduation.

2.1.2 A citizen or national of the U.S. or an alien admitted for permanent residence.
Students who do not meet the citizenship requirements may participate with the approval of the
principal and a letter from a representative of their government, approving enrollment.

2.1.3 In grade 9th or above.

2.1.4 Of good moral character as determined by the SASI and principal. 

2.1.5 Physically fit to participate in AFJROTC training. Cadets are considered physically
fit if they are qualified for the regular School physical education program.  
NOTE: Handicapped students, with the concurrence of the principal may participate.

2.1.6 Selected by the SASI with the approval of the principal or a designated representative.

2.1.7 A $20 deposit for the uniform is required.  This fee will go towards dry cleaning the
uniform at the end of the school year.  Excess money will be put into the Cadet Activity Fund.

2.1.8 Students will not be allowed to transfer into AFJROTC after 01 October unless
transferring from another school.

2.2 This program is available to students in the MVISD.  

2.3 Transfer of students from other AFJROTC units will be admitted with credit
given for training already received. No guarantees can be made, however, with respect 
to a student's retaining temporary or permanent rank made in another unit prior to 
transferring to the TX-20009th AFJROTC Cadet Group. Temporary rank and cadet jobs are 
tied together in the TX-20009th, as are permanent rank and cadet's year in JROTC.

2.4 A cadet may be disenrolled for any of the following reasons:

2.5 Cadets' Responsibilities:  Each cadet will agree to abide by the rules
and regulations of the Aerospace Science Department and to accept responsibility for 
the proper care and maintenance of his or her uniform, textbooks, and other equipment. 
Failure to do so will create financial obligations which may prevent later 
registration, graduation, or transfer of credit.

2.6 All AS IV Cadets will be asked by the ASI/SASI to return to the Corp. 
A letter of notification of acceptance will be issued to all cadets 
chosen before the singing up for the next years classes.