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18.1 There are two types of certificates that may be awarded to AFJROTC cadets.  They are the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION and the CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING.  See chapter 24 for possible certificate restrictions.

Descriptions of each follow.


18.1.1 CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.  Awarded to cadets who successfully complete at least three years of JROTC.  Cadets must have this certificate in their possession when joining the senior ROTC program or upon enlisting in the armed forces to gain the benefits offered by successfully completing JROTC. With the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, the cadet may be excused from one year of the General Military Course (GMC) of the senior AFROTC program.  This privilege must be arranged with the Professor of Aerospace Science (PAS) at the time of enrollment in the college or university.  If the cadet elects to enlist in the USAF, the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will provide promotion to pay grade E-3 (Airman First Class).  AFJROTC graduates may also be eligible for advanced enlistment in the other military services.  Promotion at the time of enlistment provides for a monetary benefit.


18.1.2  CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING.  Presented to cadets in good standing who successfully complete two years of AFJROTC.  With this certificate, a cadet may be excused from one academic term (semester or quarter) of the GMC of the senior AFROTC program.  This privilege, must be arranged with the PAS at the time of college or university enrollment.


18.2  "Satisfactorily completed" in paragraph 1 means both a passing letter grade for the year and a grade better than "Unsatisfactory" in citizenship; otherwise, a student has not satisfactorily completed the course.


18.3 SCHOLARSHIPS.  AFJROTC nominates the best-qualified cadets for scholarships provided cadets meet the minimum Air Force requirements.  Scholarship (with limits) pay for tuition, books, lab fees and uniforms.  Recipients may use the scholarship at a college/university where the recipient is enrolled provided it has a senior ROTC unit and the recipient enrolls in the program.  After graduation from college the cadet is commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and must serve an active duty obligation.