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13.1 Cadet Personnel Boards will be formed to make recommendations concerning cadet promotions, awards, Cadets-of-the-year, and other Group personnel actions.


13.2 Cadet Personnel Boards will consist of a president, members, and a recorder (who is a voting member).  Make-up of the board will be:


            President - Cadet Group or Deputy Group Commander or Cadet Squadron Commander

            Recorder - Cadet Group Personnel Officer

            Members - Cadet Flight Commanders

            Other Members - Cadet officers and Cadet NCOs appointed by the Cadet Group Commander.


13.3 Under unusual circumstances, board membership may vary as determined by the Cadet Group Commander or authorized representative.


13.4 Cadets appearing before the board will report to the president in a military manner at the time and place previously announced. Board members as well as the personnel meeting the board will be in uniform.


13.5 Findings and recommendations will be submitted in writing to the respective Cadet Squadron Commanders.  After reviewing the report, the Cadet Squadron Commander will add his/her comments and will personally deliver the report to the Cadet Group Commander who will place his or her recommendation on each report.  The Cadet Group Commander will deliver the report to the ASI.  All reports will then be approved or disapproved by the SASI.


13.6 The SASI or ASI will be present during cadet boards to offer advice and ensure proper procedures are followed.


13.7 Pertinent findings and recommendations of the board, following review and approval by the SASI, will then be published as special orders and become a part of the cadet personnel records.