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11.1 AFJROTC CO-CURRICULAR/EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  These activities are designed to reinforce portions of the Aerospace and Leadership Education objectives.  They also serve to stimulate cadet involvement in AFJROTC activities and to increase cadet morale and esprit-de-corps.  All guidelines and requirements for these activities will be initially developed by the SASI/ASI.  The SASI/ASI will be responsible for the supervision and control of these activities. Cadets must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate in Corps activities.  To participate in any and all Co-Curricular activities cadets must have: a grade of "C" or better in all classes; behavior grade of "S" or better in all classes - no Level 3 behavior or beyond; not be suspended from school; no unexcused absences; and no unexcused uniform wears and a completed trip permission slip. These activities include but are not limited to:


11.1.1 COLOR GUARD:  The Color Guard has the honor of presenting the national, state, and USAF flags at school and community events.  Distinctive uniform items will be worn by the Color Guard.  Training for Color Guard will be at the beginning of the school year. Tryouts and selection will be posted in the classroom.


11.1.2 DRILL TEAM:  An AFJROTC Drill Team will represent TX-20009 in drill competi­tion and at ceremonial functions. Members of the Drill Team will march with distinctive uniforms. All TX-20009 AFJROTC members are encouraged to try out for this elite team.  Training for Drill Team will be at the beginning of the school year. Tryouts and selection will be posted in the classroom. DRILL TEAM/COLOR GUARD CORDS:  Cords must be earned to be worn each school year.  Drill Team Cords will be orange and black, Color Guard cords will be white, and worn on the left shoulder with the braided portion under the arm.  Only individuals who participate as team members and remain academically eligible will wear cords.  Team members who previously earn their cords will continue to wear their cords when selected as team members during the current school year.


11.1.3 AWARENESS PRESENTATION TEAM (APT): APT is an academic endeavor designed to provide positive role models for elementary and middle school students.  An APT team is normally composed of three cadets selected by the SASI based on demeanor, verbal abilities and professional appearance. The teams are responsible for selecting topics, conducting research, writing, and presenting the material used.  They should be prepared to deliver brief presentations on a topic of current interest that can include, but is not limited to, high school dropouts or drug use/abuse. The primary focus of the APT is the harmful effects of drug and sex abuse.


11.1.4 KITTY HAWK Air Society (KHAS):  This is the official AFJROTC honor society.  The Society’s purpose is to promote high academic standards, be of service to the school and community, promote self-confidence and initiative, develop leadership abilities, promote academic excellence, encourage educational development in the post high school years, and further the knowledge of the Air Force’s role in aerospace education. To qualify Cadets must have a grade of “A” in ROTC and a “B” or better in al other classes.


11.1.5 ROCKET CLUB:  This activity is for cadets who enjoy building and launching model rockets.  No experience is necessary; all cadets are eligible for membership.


11.1.6 FLYING CLUB:  This activity is for cadets who enjoy building and flying model airplanes.  No experience is necessary; all cadets are eligible for membership.


11.1.7 CURRICULUM IN ACTION (CIA) TRIPS:  Field trips to local Air Force Bases, NASA, uni­versities/colleges, etc., are an important part of the AFJROTC curriculum and are real highlights of the school year.  All cadets will have an opportunity to participate with parent/teacher approval (transportation/event costs may be required). 


11.1.8 ORIENTEERING TEAM: The Orienteering Team is survival test. In competition Cadets are dropped off within a limited wilderness (forest, mountain, ect…) with a map, a compass, a set of coordinates, and their pack that they brought with them. The winner is decided by a combination of accurateness, and speed


11.1.9 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:  Various social events will be held, including a Dining-In, Annual Awards Dinner and Ceremony, Military Ball, Picnic and Field Day, etc.  These events will be planned by the Group staff and are open to all members of the Group, and their invited guests.


11.1.10 ATHLETICS:  The cadet Group may field volleyball, touch/flag football, Frisbee football, one pitch softball, and basketball teams against other AFJROTC units or other Medina Valley High School organizations during the school year.  Such activities are the primary respon­sibility of the Group Athletics Officers.


11.1.11 FUND-RAISING:  Various fund raising activities will be conducted to sup­port the above functions - parent approval is required to participate.  The success of any fund raising effort depends largely on the support of each cadet.


11.1.12 CHARITIES:  Funds may be donated to worthwhile charities.  Such funds will be the result of special projects (such as a bike-a-thon) or cash collections.


11.1.13 SERVICE TO SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY PROJECTS: Many opportunities for community projects will be available to the Cadets throughout the year including but not limited to: Adopt-A-Highway Litter Control, Castroville Balloon Fest.


11.1.14 AIRCRAFT FLIGHTS: Provided at certain special events ex: Castroville Balloon Fest


11.1.15 AWARDS CEREMONIES: Held at the end of every school year, to recognize all the outstanding cadets and their accomplishments


11.2 Schedule of AFJROTC events during the school year can be found on the AF JR ROTC Web Page: