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10.1 Six weeks’ projects are not assigned in Aerospace Science.  Instead, each cadet is given the opportunity to work on a project of his or her choosing, subject to the cadet’s written request and approval. Requests must be submitted no later than the end of the fifth week of the quarter.  Clear all projects in advance with the SASI or ASI.


10.2 Projects may be turned in/presented any time during the first five weeks of a six week grading period.

Six weeks’ projects due:


10.3 Projects must be accomplished on an individual basis.  Written reports should be a minimum of 250 words, oral reports should be a minimum of 5 minutes.  Shorter reports will be graded lower proportional to length.  You are encouraged to complete a project that interests you, it should be one you will enjoy.


10.4 Listed below are some suggested projects:


10.4.1 "Things To Do" at the end of chapters in your textbooks.


10.4.2 Building an airplane model or series of models and presenting a 3 - 5 minute briefing to the class on the model(s).


10.4.3 Building and launching a rocket - three successful launches required.  (These three cannot count for Model Rocketry Badge.)


10.4.4 Conducting a demonstration or experiment in class related to the theories or principles of flight, weather, navigation, etc.


10.4.5 Writing a report on a particular aircraft or rocket.


10.4.6 Researching and briefing the class on a Leadership related topic or a job associated with the USAF or aero­space. Clear all projects in advance with the ASI.


10.4.7 Preparing a bulletin-board type display.


10.4.8 Any other project related to aerospace approved in advance by the SASI.


10.5 Points awarded (1-10) will be in direct proportion to the effort expended and the project quality.  There is a limit of one project per six weeks and two projects per semester.


10.6 Do not hand in written reports enclosed in plastic folders.  Use standard notebook paper or white typing paper stapled together.  Use blue or black ink, or preferably, typewriter/ printer.  Count the number of words and write the count at the top left of the front (title) page.  Typed paper should be in standard font (Times New Roman or Arial) and in size 10 or 12 with no excessive bold, italic, or underlined portions.


10.7 Model aircraft (if constructed) should be medium to large in size - miniatures or snap together type are not acceptable.


10.8 Students are encouraged to hang their aircraft models in the classroom for display purposes.  Models may be removed by their student owners at any time, or they may remain on permanent display.