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Chapter 1
Mission and Objectives of the ROTC Program

1.1 MISSION: The mission of the Air Force Junior ROTC program is to "Build Better Citizens for America".

1.2 GOALS: The goals of the AFJROTC program are to instill in high school cadets the values of: Citizenship, Service to the United States, Personal Responsibility, and a Sense of Accomplishment.

1.3 With these objectives AFJROTC cadets should develop:

1.3.1 An appreciation for the basic elements of national security.

1.3.2 Respect for and an understanding of the need for constituted authority in a democratic society.

1.3.3 Patriotism and an understanding of their personal obligation to contribute towards national security.

1.3.4 Habits of orderliness and precision.

1.3.5 A high degree of: personal honor, self-discipline, self-reliance, and leadership.

1.3.6 Broad-based knowledge of the aerospace age and fundamental aerospace doctrine.

1.3.7 Basic military skills.

1.3.8 A knowledge of and an appreciation for the traditions of the Air Force.

1.3.9 An interest in completing high school and pursuing higher educational goals or skills.

1.3.10 An understanding of the Air Force and military as a possible career path.

1.4 As a student at Medina Valley High School we expect all students will:

1.4.1 Abide by all rules and guidelines set by the Medina Valley ISD and High School

1.4.2 Demonstrate a positive moral character as outlined in the MVISD Core Belief Statements.

1.4.3 Be empowered by knowledge of his/her talents to continually refine his/her future vision and goals.

1.4.4 Build upon a broad and diverse academic and extra/co-curricular education in order to realize his/her goals.

1.4.5 Use logical, systematic processes to make responsible decisions and solve problems.

1.4.6 Be effective communicators who comprehend and use more than one language (foreign, technical/computer, fine arts, sign).

1.5 TX 20009th AFJROTC cadets should strive for "PRIDE":

Profession - know what you want to do in life and establish career and educational paths to help you achieve your goals. The sooner you know this the earlier you can begin to work productively towards achieving your goals. Think, act, and perform in a professional manner.

Responsibility - be responsible for "all" of your actions, whether it is a reward for a job "well done" or disciplinary action for failure to follow the rules or expectations. You and only you are responsible for what "you" do.

Integrity - "firm adherence to a code of moral values". Doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. Trust, responsibility and discipline go hand-in-hand with this concept - people will trust you if they know you are always honest. Lead by setting a high standard for others to follow. ["In the long run it's not important who on this Earth judges you or how you are judged. It is important to do what's right, to listen to your heart and conscience and to keep the high ground. I have and will walk away with my head high". BG Terryl J. Schwalier]

Discipline - especially self-discipline, it makes you strong and helps you feel better about yourself. Do not give up when you have problems - fix/solve them, don't run away from them. The discipline you possess will be evident to others and a benefit to you.

Education - Get a lot, stay in school and get your diploma. Never stop learning, especially when you graduate from high school. People can learn things every day of their lives, be part of that learning. Remember, when it comes to education and life:

more education = more opportunities no education = you go nowhere.