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Community Service

Community Service Officer: C/A1C Anthony Deleon

Community Service Requirements

All cadets are required to serve 9 hours of community service per nine weeks. However, no more than 12 hours are allowed for grade.

For community service to count it must be a public entity such as Airport, Library, Nursing Home, Hospital, Church, Police Department, Fire Department, EMS, Even Start, WIC, Habitat, Food Pantry, Castroville Regional Park, VFW, American Legion, churches and CAPS are all good examples. If you aren't sure if the organization you plan to work for qualifies, please ask Col Dzur or MSgt Bean.

Community Project

Baby sitting, cleaning your room, mowing your lawn, or helping a friend move do not count. Working for a commercial business or insurance company even if they do not pay you, cannot count. Furthermore, working for your folks don't count unless they are in charge of a church, pantry, Cub Scout pack, food bank or community project.

When submitting community service hours, write a letter in the following format:

Name of Organization
Telephone Number


Include your name and the dates and hours that you worked. Also address how you contributed to the community service.

Signature of Responsible Official
Title of official